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The Gluten-Free Baking Company

The Gluten-Free Baking Company
Business: The Gluten-Free Baking Company

Being a Coeliac myself for the past 10 years and having family members who are also Gluten Intolerant, I know how difficult it is to find a ‘special treat’ to eat, when you are going out to eat at coffee shops, restaurants or organised events.

That’s why I decided to start-up the Gluten-Free Baking Company Ltd, so that you too can treat yourself and enjoy a delicious, organic cake of a high quality. Infact, they are so scrumptious that people who aren’t gluten-intolerant will enjoy them!

Our products can be found in restaurants, coffee shops, health food shops and many more places

Our cakes are 100% gluten and wheat free and produced in our gluten free facility. Our cakes contain free-range eggs. They are mostly made using sunflower oil, with the exception of the Chocolate Brownie. A good quality margarine can be substituted for those persons requiring a “dairy free” diet.

However, we can also supply vegan cakes – please contact us for details. All cakes are made without gluten or wheat ingredients and produced and packaged in a gluten free environment. Nuts are used in the making of Chocolate Brownie – ground and flaked almonds, Carrot Cake – walnuts, Chesnut flour is used in the Carrot and Lemon Drizzle cakes.


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